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    Excel pictures pixelating




      I have a spreadsheet I use for quotations at work, with a JPG image, a logo. It's been a challenge to print it to PDF without the logo pixelating terribly. I overcame the issue with some custom print settings in Acrobat. Several people at work have started to use my spreadsheet, but they don't have the settings right (and/or don't have patience to bother with them), so I am looking for a fix for this.


      The problem does not happen when printing to a printer, so that's why I am looking at Acrobat for a solution, but the problem may turn out to be something with Excel. I have a lot of VBA programming in this spreadsheet, so my Plan B is to come up with some code to programmatically change the Acrobat print settings (so the user doesn't have to bother with them).


      I am using Acrobat 9 Pro and Windows 7 on my laptop. Acrobat X Pro and Windows 8 on my PC. The problem occurs in both.


      Here are the Acrobat print settings

      Acrobat print settings.JPGAcrobat images settings.JPGAcrobat advanced settings.JPG


      I would like to attach a sample spreadsheet but can not. I am attaching the logo hereMidwest_Electronic_Systems_Logo_RGB_600.jpg

      I have this in 600x208, 1200x417, and 4584x1593 resolutions (sized to the same proportions on the spreadsheet). I've tried resolutions of 300 all the way to 4000 in Excel's settings. 1200 seems to get the best results, with no noticeable improvements above that (although I know i have some downsampling occuring in the Acrobat settings).


      The logo is as crisp as you could want when you view it with a picture viewer, so I don't think the problem is the logo resolution being too low. As mentioned, Excel prints it to paper just fine.


      I feel like I've tried 1000 different combinations in both Excel and Acrobat, so I am just out of ideas and need some help!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Excel and Word do terrible things to graphics. However, you need to work with what you have. First off, try turning your compression settings off or do not use Jpeg, since jpeg is a lossy format.

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            Phillip M Jones Level 4

            Mchael is correct. Use PNG when possible. It seems to be the Format that allows for smaller sizes PNG is not a Lossy format. supposedly jpeg2000 (I think its listed as jpe in some graphic apps) is not lossy but despite many years being out, it's not widely used.  .tiff is ideal but it’s largest file size of any I am aware of. I'm not familiar enough with the PC only types to comment on how they would do.

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              AirWreck__11 Level 1

              Thanks for the quick responses. Switching to a PNG format logo did make a noticeable difference, but I still have to resort to a custom print setting (better than High Quality or Press Quality) and turning off or reducing compression (which bloats the file size) to keep it looking as good as I want. I think I can find a happy medium with my custom settings, but the spreadsheet won't be user-friendly if each user needs to have the custom print settings configured and remember to use them.


              My project to programmatically adjust the Acrobat print settings in VBA has just been pushed to the front-burner, I suppose!

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                Phillip M Jones Level 4

                This tip "may" apply only if your using a Mac, or may be the same feature in Windows as well:

                when you open the Print menu:

                1. Set up your printer as you have.
                2. Second button from top is called Presets
                3. Click on Presets and scroll all the way down to save preset
                4. when window opens, in the Field give a Name.


                Next time you need to do this just choose the preset. PrintWindow.png