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    action script

      I have a problem with linking my pages. I could link them but sometimes when you click on the buttom to go to another page it does some deja vu thing, I mean, It's like when you click the buttom you can see the page you want to go but at the same time the previous page for a second, a strange little jump. I have used this action script code to go to one page to the other:

      on (release)
      {loadMovieNum ("nosotros.swf",1);

      Do you know how to solve the problem? Do I have to put something to prevent this little jump?

      Also in one of my pages called "localizacion" (it means location) I put some photographs and I draw invisible buttons over them so when I click on a photo a pop-up can show a biger version of the photo. The problem is that when the photo pops the original page ("localizacion") desapears and change to home page. So you have your pop-up but behind my home page. Can you help me solve this?

      I used this action script to do the invisible button:


      and then on the pop-up:


      Thank you.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it's going to be more than a momentary issue when you deploy your files online (or emulate loading in the flash test environment): it takes some time to load a file. locally, it's just a moment for the harddrive to access the file, but online it's longer.

          what level is the original page on? if it's on _level5, your popup is removing it.
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            gaby0501 Level 1
            My home page is on level 0 and my location page is on level 5.

            When I test my location.fla movie everything seems allright, I mean when the pop-up opens the location page remains behind. But when I test my home page and I go to my location page to click on my pictures to open my pop-up, the pop-up opens but the page behind changes to home.

            Do you think this problem is only happening when I test it in flash but not when is online?
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              if your location page is loaded into _level5, and then you load your pop-up into _level5, your location page will be unloaded (revealing whatevers in _level4, 3, 2, 1 or 0).

              to resolve, load your popup into _level6. (and change your popup's code to unloadMovieNum(6) .)
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                gaby0501 Level 1
                Thanks!!! It worked.
                But I still don't know what to do with that sudden jump from one page to the other. I have 5 pages including home but I skip one level, I mean, level 0 is my home page, my first page is level 1, my second page is level 2, my 3rd page is level 4 and my 5th page is level 5. Do you think this linking problem could be that I skiped level 3?
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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  you're welcome.

                  you need a preloader. test your movie with simulate download enabled.