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    inventory / receiving form


      I am in need of a receiving form for a many small parts/ variable pricing/ quantities/ and materials type business with several stores. The "shortages" variences are killing me.

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


            Let me point you to several Adobe products specifications which allow you to create forms, please take a look at them and see which products will best meet your needs:


          Adobe FormsCentral:




          Adobe Acrobat:



          Adobe LiveCycle/Designer:




          If you still have questions, please provide more details on the workflow that you would like to achieve.



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            Cre8tive1der Level 1

            My wife makes beaded products and buys "end of lot" beads and fasteners (supplies). She gets varied prices due to size of lot bought and specials in same order. She spends a large amount of time scrolling thrugh Excel to enter the specific data. I would like a form that would make this easier, so this would be a receiving form. I would like it to generate data that we can harvest and sort to fill out the Excel columns and such. (now these are my beginning thoughts and I am open to suggestions)




            My second need is an active adobe form with two fields and a submit button. This form would have to work off-line (many of our sales are at festivals and fairs without webserver access.)

            The field would be the item/stock number and then the amount of the sale. Again I would like to be able to harvest the information and drop it into excel for her records. Designing a form is no problem for me, but directing the information has me asking ?????? questions. (now these are my beginning thoughts and I am open to suggestions)

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              Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


              I would suggest that you try FormsCentral Free version and create a form with a couple of items/stock number and try to collect data and test it out - the free version will allow you to create one form and receive 50 responses.  You can also test your form via the "Test Tab", here you can preview your form layout as well as submit data/collect data. In the View Responses tab you can see the table of the collected responses. Now, you can compare this table with what you have being doing with Excel and see if this is what you are looking for. You can export the collected responses to Excel (xls), csv, pdf format.


              On your second question, "This form would have to work off-line", FormsCentral currently does not support this feature.  To submit data you need internet connection.

              Depending on how often you will be filling out/sumitting the form during the sale event, with a FormsCentral paid account, you could create/distribute a PDF Form and while you don't have internet connection you can save the PDF form with the filled data  (you have to save it with a different filename each time you fill it). Then when you have internet connection, you could open all the PDF forms and submit the data.




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                Cre8tive1der Level 1

                Awesome info! I now have hope to provide a method soon and when further in my college pursuits I can really make things happen!


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