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    Missing Menu Items in Lens Correction Menu


      I shoot with a Canon 5Dmk3 and a standard EF 24-70 S f/2.8 lens. ACR finds the body and lens fine. When I go to Filter-> Lens Correction or Adaptive Wide Angle, I previously could select the Mk2 body and pick my lens. After a recent update, in CS6 on the mac or CC in windows, I can no longer pick a body. The only choice under camera model is 'Canon' and then there are only two Tamron lenses listed. I have tried the 'Search Online' button without success.I downloaded the 'Adobe Lens Profile Downloader' and downloaded the profiles for the mk2 with my lenses successfully. After doing so, no additional menu items have appeared in Photoshop.


      Is anyone else having this experience lately?