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    Publishing to Wordpress WITH a Buzz Javascript soundfile


      Hi there


      I would really appreciate a laymans guide as to how to publish/ include my Edge animation which has an audio element (included via the buzz javascript library) to Wordpress. Thus far Ive been uploading Edge animations as .OAM's using Edge Suite plugin for Wordpress. However, when I upload the file, there is no audio so Im at a loss on this one.


      Would really appreciate anyones help as it took me 3 days just to figure out getting the audio to work!





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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          There is no audio because external elements such as the /audio folder and the .buzz.js script is not added durring the Packaging/Deployment process.


          Here is a walkthrough


          How to Add to .oam package manually

          Step 1 Publish
          A. In current project file, go to File > Publish Settings;
          B. Tick/enable Animate Deployment Package and take note of the target directory and published name;
          C. To the lower left of the panel click Publish.



          Step 2 Rename to .zip and Extract contents
          D. Navigate to target directory of the published folder > animate_package and there should be a .oam file;
          E. Rename the file extension from .oam to .zip and Extract to xxxx\
          F. Within the extracted contents nagigate into the Assets folder. You should see a replica of the project files with an additional .xml file.
          Whats missing are the external items.
          G. Copy/Paste the external elements (from the original project folder) directly into this Assets folder. In this example, the /audio folder and the buzz.js script file.



          Step 3 Edit .xml Config and Reference Externals
          H. Right Click on the xxxxx_oam.xml and open in an editor of choice, I am using Dw.
          I. Amoung the configuration lines copy a reference of type javascript and rename the src to buzz.js
          J. Do the same thing for a type of folder and rename the source audio.
          K. File > Save; File > Close. Exit Dw.



          Step 4 Repackage to zip and rename back to oam
          L. Select the published contents and add to archive (.zip).
          M. Then rename the zip back to oam