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    Cant download flash player


      I have a Mac os desktop version 10.8.4 and i have had flash player on it since i bought the computer about three months ago recently it told me i needed an update so i tried downloading it but when i did it wouldnt let me the first couple of steps went fine i have the firefox browser so when i went to downloads and double clicked the install flash player icon everything came up like it was supposed to then when i typed in my password to start the download it started downloading it got to 7 percent then stopped for a couple seconds then jumped to 47 percent then after about of doing nothing just sitting at 47 percent it says download timed out so i followed the steps to trouble shoot it downloaded the uninstaller and unstalled flash player completely then restarted the computer like it said then tried again well i have done that about 10 times now and it does the exact same thing every time starts downloading stops at 7% jumps to 47% then the download times out and idk what else to do so please help!!!