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    flash player will not install on mac


      I just recently updated my macbook to osx 10.6.8 for snow leopard, after doing so my flash player no longer worked when I was trying to watch some youtube videos. A prompt popped out from under my searchbar asking me to update to the latest version for my system which is flash player 11.8.800.94. I downloaded said version and mounted it when it was finished, I clicked on the icon to begin installation, it starts up, gets to 95% and then my computer freezes for a few minutes and then the installation fails. I've tried looking for various solutions to fixing this such as deleting flash player completely from my system, reinstalling the oldest version available, trying to update from there, only to hit the same wall with every version after the one I installed. Is there something I'm missing? Is it because of the osx update? what can I do to get this fixed?