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    Premiere elements 11 hangs on exit (OSX)


      I have a brand new install of photoshop elements and premier elements (and organizer).  Photoshop and organizer are working flawlessly.  Premiere hangs on close almost every time.  If I edit video then close and say "no" to save changes it hangs for sure.  I can do a complete reinstall then it will open and possible close once or twice.  Once it exhibits the hang behavior it seems that install is toast.  The OS itself is a month install of fully updated mountain lion.  Other apps I have on this computer are failrly straightforward but who knows.  I'm hoping someone has seen something similiar.  I really dont want to have to do a complete rebuild just because premiere wont work.





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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am strictly an Elements Windows user, nonetheless my first question would relate to just what is on that Timeline for that particular project that is hanging when you go to save/close or just close it without saving? I looking for video and audio compresson, frame size, frame rate, pixel aspect ratio, duration, file extension and such.


          How are your Scratch Disks set up (Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks)? Have you used the program long enough to pile up preview files as well as conformed audio and video files?



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            ilomabr Level 1

            Thanks AT for the response.  I am very new to PrE so bear with me.  I figured it out and didnt find the exact culprit but maybe this will help someone.  I knew something was wrong with something in the realm of Adobe so I removed everything I could....elements photoshop and premiere, reader, and flash.  Also I did what I call a thorough removal...on a mac uninstalls are a bit more work I essentially did this:

            (as root)

            find / -xdev -iname "*<program name>*"

            This finds anything on the local filesystem and ignores case for say premiere or organizer.  After de-Adobe-ing my system completely I reinstalled reader, flash, photoshop elements, premeire elements and now all is well.  It is important to note that the automated adobe uninstaller leaves a ton of stuff behind.  I have a suspicion the fix was in the manual removal somewhere.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up information which is very helpful to all.


              Great job of troubleshooting and stick-to-it-tiveness.


              With issues that defy troubleshooting, typically I suggest the deactivation, uninstall, reinstall of just Premiere Elements with the use of ccleaner (regular and registry cleaning) in between the uninstall and reinstall to get at leftovers +. But when the problem persists in spite of, then more drastic measure are indicated.


              Keep up the good work.