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    Subclips not working when importing Premiere Pro Project into After Effects CS6

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      I'm using 4K RED Scarlet footage, and editing in PP CS6. I want to be able to import my PP project into AE CS6 maintaining all the subclips I have made from the masters. I'm testing this for a future workflow. So here's what I tried:


      1. Import RED footage into PP.

      2. Open clip, extract a couple of subclips from it at different points.

      3. Open AE and 'Import Adobe Premiere Pro Project...'

      4. It brings in the project structure and everything, but there are two problems:


      – Firstly, the clips themselves are not playable. The icons representing them are white blank page icons, which is strange. And if I try to open one and watch it, or put it in a sequence, I get only blackness.


      – Secondly, the subclips have come through as the same exact length as the master clip. So what I have is three instances of the same clip, with same in/out points.


      I would appreciate any and all help with this.


      Why are the RED clips not coming through in a playable format?

      Why are the subclips not coming through correctly?


      I believe I have an up to date version of the RedImporter etc.


      Has anyone else tried doing something similar?


      Many thanks in advance,