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    Can't access files on one of my HD's

    Heritage Film Level 1

      This problem started in the last couple of weeks. Mac OS is fully updated (10.8) as is Premiere Pro CS6. I have 4 HD's mounted in my Mac Pro (Boot, Video, Audio and Storage). If I'm in either PPro or Prelude and use Media Browser to access my files, the programs will freeze as soon as I click on the "Storage" drive.  The other 3 drives can be searched normally, but as soon as I click on the Storage drive, it shows NO files or folders and within 4-5 seconds, it gives me the Pinwheel of Death and locks the program (either PPro or Prelude….same exact reaction) and I have to do a Force Quit. This behavior is consistent and repeatable, but I'm not sure what is causing it as this system has been extremely stable and dependable up until a couple weeks ago.


      Here's what I've tried before coming here for help:


      1. Ran every disk repair app available to me (Mac Disk Utility, Diskwarrior) but no problems can be found on any drive including "Storage".


      2. Ran AJA System Test to see if I could "stress test" this drive….no problems found….read/write speeds look fine.


      3. Uninstalled and reinstalled PPro, Prelude and After Effects (did NOT apply any updates or patches) = problem remains.


      4. Thinking that the drive might be going bad, I used Carbon Copy Cloner and cloned the old "Storage" drive onto a new HD, slid the new cloned drive into the same drive bay = problem remains.


      5. In the chance that there is something wrong with the drive bay connector, I moved the new "Storage" drive into a different bay and put one of the working drives into the original "Storage" bay  hoping that the problem would follow the drive OR show that the socket is bad = problem remains.


      I'm running out of ideas here guys. Can anybody offer something else to try?