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    Colored icons in toolbars

    4everJang Level 3

      Hello all,


      In FrameMaker 9, the user interface has been completely overhauled to look like all of the other Adobe products. One detail in this overhaul was the colors of the toolbar icons. By default, compying to PhotoShop and other products, the icons are grey and show color only when you hover over them. For a product where colors are in the content, this is probably a good choice, but in FrameMaker most content is black and white, and having colored icons in the toolbars does help authors to quickly find the required function for what they want to do.


      It turns out to be quite simple to change FrameMaker's usage of icons by changing configuration files, telling Frame to use the colored hover icon as the default one and the grey default icon as the hover version. I have created a script that does this for FrameMaker versions 10 and 11 (in fact, the script will also work for version 12). The script can be executed via the File > Script > Run command and does not require any knowledge of ExtendScript.


      Running the script toggles between grey and colored icons in the personal user settings, so every user can have their own settings.


      If you are interested in receiving this script (free of charge), send an e-mail to jang at jang dot nl.


      Kind regards from Amsterdam