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    Eraser not working

    Hairbrain54 Community Member

      The other day doing Window updates I lost my PSE11. I seem to have everything back except my Eraser does not appear to work.

      I want to use on layers and seems like nothing erases or if I do it paints gray or some color from the layer.


      Any ideas? or ways to reset this tool. The instruction through prefences didn't do squat.

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          R_Kelly Community Member

          You can reset the Eraser Tool by selecting it and then in far right of the tool options bar click on the area as highlighted in red below.

          Then click on Reset Tool.







          Did you already reset the pse 11 editor preferences:




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            Hairbrain54 Community Member

            Thank You

            This did work but only when I had copied a pattern from another image and pasted as a layer.


            However, it did not work on my Pattern Fill Layers - so I played a bit and found out if I highlighted the pattern fill layer an made it "Simple Layer" then it worked.

            I never use to touch that so something on layers must of changed.


            Anyhow, now it is working - Thank You for the tip