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    How do I create a div with no right or left margin in Dreamweaver?

    GMDS Learner Level 1

      I am attempting to create a fully responsive website using Dreamweaver with the Bootstrap Extension. I usually create with tables so out of my element a bit with div. Warning, these are really novice questions. My latest challenge:


      I would like:

      1. to add a background image that has a zero top, right, and left margin
      2. the background image to only repeat horizontally (not vertically)
      3. to know if it is possible to build my site with tables within the div containers preset by without pushing the containers out of wack and ruining the responsiveness of the site and if so how and if not possible, how to make div tags that stay where you put them like tables.

      Here is the link: http://www.graphicmechanic.info/SONIABOOKER/DOUBLETEST.html. The white bar up top is meant to be the continuous bar across the top with no left and right margins.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.