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    encore cs6


      how to I fit 1hr 42 min video onto 4.7gb dvd using encore

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Import as timeline. Set the "transcode setting" for the asset to "automatic." Add any menus, motion menus, and navigation before  you transcode or build. It is best to use a minimally compressed file for this method.


          Second method: use a bitrate calculator, and transcode using those settings. It is best to do that when you export the original file rather than after importing.


          If you need more detail, let us know.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Export from Premiere Pro as (standard or widescreen) DV AVI and do what Stan said


            I don't care to get into bit budgeting and MPEG2 DVD adjustments, so I always export from PPro as Widescreen DV AVI (from AVCHD) and then let Encore use the automatic transcode setting to get a "best fit" of video to either a single or dual layer DVD blank

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              nc3houston Level 1

              Yes the transcode code is set to automatic. Maybe I have the procedure to transcode incorrect. This is how I do it. I simply click on build tab, then build again. I then get the following error messages: (end action not set) & (title remote not set). I do not  have menus, motion menus or navigation. I am making simple playback DVD.

              Some back ground. This is a completely new machine. This will be the very first attemp at making a DVD of this length. At the training session the instructor made short 5 min DVD with my machine.

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can ignore both of those warnings. However, they are easy to fix.


                Select the timeline. In properties, set the End Action to "stop." Or, if you want it to loop until the user presses the stop button, set it to itself.


                For the "title remote not set," click on the Flowchart tab and click on the disk. In the properties panel, set the "Title Button" to the timeline.

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                  nc3houston Level 1

                  I am still getting a sort of ghost effect on the complete screen during transcoding, the transcoding stops  and the hour glass just stays on the screen and spins

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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    still getting a sort of ghost effect

                    That is not normal.


                    Separate the "transcoding" of the asset by using "Transcode Now" prior to using the build panel. First, make sure the asset didn't get transcoded before the hang up. Does it still say "Untranscoded" in the "DVD Transcode Status" column? In the project panel, right click on the asset (the video file, not the timeline) and select "transcode now."


                    This will help you sort out whether the problem is transcoding the asset, or some other part of the build operation.

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                      nc3houston Level 1

                      I now have it transcoding after selcting "transcode Now". How long does this normally take? Like I said this is my first attempt using CS6. I have been using the Premere Pro from 8 years ago on my other machine. Well I just looked back at the progess and now it has stopped again and now the message asking me to "check online for a solution to the problem" or "close the program". is bCK.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        That error message is from Windows, right?


                        So the quick options didn't work. More info needed. Post a screenshot of your project panel might help. Dynamic link? Imported file?