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    Add actionscript to frame from a compomnent

      Hello all,

      First let me thank everyone that replies to this.
      I've started to create small classes that do specific things that I use often.
      Since I work in a team environment I usually package them into MXPs and then distribute them.

      Here is what I want to do:
      1) Create a class -( got that one.)
      2) Package the class into an MXP - (No problem)
      3) When the user installs the MXP it then installs it into their components panel - (so far so good.)
      4) When the user drags the component to the stage I want it to write a small snippet of actionscript
      to frame one automatically. Specifically, write the import command and an example of how to use that component class.

      Now, I know this can be done. I've worked a few times with the eye blaster platform and when you download thier MXP
      and use one of their components, it writes some code to frame one once I drag it to the stage.

      How can I do this?

      Thank you
      | J |