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    Top half of display blocked out

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      I believe the announcement posted at the top of this board contains errors that are repeated throughout numerous posts on this subject (eg MS update causes problems).


      First, the update shown for Win XP (KB2834904) may be incorrect --the CORRECT update may be KB2834903  --at least that is what shows up for my XP-Pro SP3 system.  (The actual update may vary depending on the actual version of Windows Media that is installed.)


      Second, from the various posts of users encountering this problem it seems that many have taken the over zealous and aggressive 'solution' of doing a system (restore point) rollback and removing all patches released on 7/9/13.  This is unnecessary, and is not permanently effective.  Simply rolling back all updates will then cause them to show as not installed and still needed the next time the system is scanned for needed updates --probably in the next day or two.


      A better solution --(until MS releases a corrected update) is to simply mark the update as hidden by going to:

               Win 7                                                                 Win XP

      1. Windows Update;                                             Windows/Microsoft Update;
      2. right-click on the update;                                 UN-check the box on left for the update AND click on the "+" box
      3. and select hide.                                                 and check the box "Don't show this update again".


      The user will then have to monitor the Windows/Microsoft Update for a re-released version of the update.  To monitor the updates for revisions periodically look at either of the KB articles or Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-057 by googling the numbers.  At the very bottom of the respective document is a section labeled "Revisions".  Curently the only version listed is: V1.0 (July 9, 2013) Bulletin published.   If/when Microsoft releases a revision to fix this update, the version number and date will be incremented along with a brief explanation for the revision.

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          Nealeh has already posted those suggestions in several posts in several threads here today.


          My problem with her and your suggestion was that Windows 7 was ignoring by instructions regarding download and installation with regard to the Windows 7 kb. It was not notifying me and asking permission for the downloads and or installs of the Windows Updates.


          Put another way, the kb was not showing up in the route that you suggest. But it was managing to get downloaded and installed.


          Interestingly it was acting as per my wishes with regard to wanting notification and giving approval before any download and uninstall for "most" but not that particular kb.


          I will open a Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bit computer to see what is going on there with this 1/2 wmv display business. If the issue hit there, I will check out the XP kb number 2834904 vs 2834903 as you suggest.





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            Can't explain why you seem to have a problem with Windows Update ignoring your specific settings.  But the devil is in the details; I keep my updates set for:  "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"  (3rd choice in the dropdown list). Changing the setting if only for a few minutes, or any manual actions, could allow an unintended update to slip through.  But as I noted, even if you successfully prevent it from being downloaded or installed one time (or remove it) it could easily slip through a day or so later unless you manually 'hide' it from the update process.  I have not had this or other updates slip through unintended.


            As for the Win XP update, there are at least 2 different updates depending on the version of Windows Media insalled.

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              Thanks for the follow up.


              You and I are on the same wavelength, since if am forever writing "the answers are in the details".


              My Windows Updates are set in accord with what you wrote regarding Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.  And it has been and is doing that for apparently everything but the kb for Windows 7. Right now the kb issue for Windows 7 is gone.


              I took a quick look at my Windows XP with regard to this matter. The .wmv that gave the 1/2 display in Windows 7 (before the kb delete) did not do that in my Windows XP so right now I did not go looking for the Windows XP kb whether it ended in 3 or 4. Windows XP is set up for these updates as is Windows 7, that is, Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.


              Still thinking about this one. I want to see if history repeats itself within the next day or so.


              Thanks again.



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                I just saw your reply ( http://forums.adobe.com/message/5506470#5506470 ) in another post where you apparently included a picture of the setting you have for your MS Update downloads.  As I noted earlier in this post the devil is in the details.  If the picture is truly the download setting option you have set, then it could explain how this/certain KnowledgeBase updates are getting installed despite your wishes.


                The setting I use/recommend --especially until this situation is corrected--

                is not:         "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them"                           (2nd choice in the dropdown list)

                but rather:  "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"   (3rd choice in the dropdown list)


                The difference may seem subtle, but the option you appear to be using in fact allows the update to actually be downloaded and stored in your PC, then subsequent installation of other desired updates could have the unintended consequence of also installing the undesired update.


                The more desirable choice checks only for updates and does not download anything --yet--.  This give you a clear chance to 'hide' the undesired update(s); before they ever get downloaded to your PC.

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                  Thanks for the follow up on this matter. I was going to wait it out until 7 16 2013 to see if that kb found its way into be downloaded and installed. I would have thought the choice (download but do not install without permission) that I made would have covered me on this.


                  But, tomorrow, one way or the other (after my self imposed wait and see deadline) I will change that Windows Update setting and see the results.


                  Much appreciate your insights into this matter.


                  Thanks again.