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    Blurry raster images when using "Place"


      Greetings friends. inDesign has usually played nice for me in the last years, but these last few days I've been stuck with a problem I could not find documentation for. To put it simply, raster images are very blurry/pixelated when placed in inDesign, both CC and CS6. The file in photoshop is fine and it is not a display performance issue, as the images are also pixelated when exported (PDF, jpeg, etc). I am at a loss. While I luckily finished my most recent project before this happened, I will need it soon for another one and this is a huge problem. If anyone has a solution I would deeply appreciate it. Here is a screenshot. http://puu.sh/3COjy.png Is the link if the attachment does not work.http://puu.sh/3COjy.png