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    Steps to send a clip to AE to utilize Warp Stabilizer VFX then back to Premiere Pro CC

    DMH79 Level 2

      So I use Warp Stabilizer for about 200 clips per project. It's effectiveness has shaped how I shoot. It's awesome. Now there's VFX in AE...Can someone layout the steps involved in the following:


      a) Taking a clip from Premiere Pro CC and sending it to After Effects CC (I'm not that versed in using AE having not used it in quite a while)


      b) Then how to apply the new Warp Stabilizer VFX (I assume just go to effects>distort>WarpStabilizerVFX ???) ... (if there are tutorials on how exactly to use it, especially detailing exactly how to utilize the new feature of isolating what in the frame is to be stabilized that would be great too)

      c) Then how to send it back to Premiere Pro CC. (I'm guessing I just save it and let dynamic link take care of the rest?)



      I've tried right-clicking on a clip and selecting "replace with AE composition" (is that what I should do?), then applying the effect but I get a "warp stabilizer VFX analysis doesn't work with Collapse Transformations" message so I stopped. If it makes any difference, the majority of my footage is shot at 60p and then interpreted and edited at 23.976fps. Thanks!


      NOTE TO STAFF: I've said it before and I'll say it again as someone who uses warp stabilizer several hundred times per week, I still think the default "method" in the settings should be "Position, Scale, Rotation" instead of Subspace Warp because it works FAR better (less wobble and less scaling about 90% of the time). Can't help myself I had to bring that up again here.

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          a) Select a clip in PrPro timeline, right-click and choose 'Replace With After Effects Composition'. Take care of handles if you might need them (that's rather general tip).


          Warning about Collapse Transformation switch indicates that you have 'Scale to Frame Size' option enabled for your clips in PrPro timeline. If that was done intentionally, you can simply toggle the Collapse Transformation switch (small sun icon) off. If not, rather disable 'Scale to Frame Size' for your clips in PrPro timeline.


          b) Quite a boring but covering almost all necessary details tutorial on basic work with Warp Stabilizer in AE CC from Adobe TV:


          Some advanced techniques from Lynda.com


          and Mathias Möhl:


          c) When you're happy with your work in AE and going to lock it, render a digital intermediate out of AE, import it into PrPro and replace your dynamically linked composition in the timeline with that DI (see this good old thread on Dynamic Link workflow, pay attention to Todd's comments).


          If you leave the 'Include Project Link' checkbox in the Output Module Settings dialog enabled while rendering your DI, you can easily get back to appropriate AE project so as to maybe tweak some settings: just select your DI in PrPro timeline, right-click and choose 'Edit Original'.


          Mind the bloating issue, keep the amount of applied Warp Stabilizer instances in a single AE project reasonable.

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            DMH79 Level 2

            Wow. Thank you so much Fuzzy. I'd buy you a drink if I could over the internet. Much appreciated.