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    kuler hiccups

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Hello, if you are experiencing frequent server timeouts ("kuler klash" message), please bear with us as we figure out what is happening. Thanks for your patience.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Related to that:

          If you are experiencing some unexpected behavior, please post:
          - Browser/OS
          - description of the problem (what you were doing, what happened, any error messages you received, affected theme, etc.)
          - screenshots, if that helps demonstrate the problem

          Details help us see if we can reproduce the issue.
          Thanks for your help.
          • 2. kuler hiccups
            Srta._Pinta Level 1
            I have screenshots I will email you of my tags being changed while publishing a new theme.

            I have no idea where these tags came from. But it is October and strange things are known to happen. lol

            Edit FYI- I was able to just change the tags on ml168 (it was not taking it last night). It kept reverting to "beatles". Sami I just ran a search on "beatles", because I found it odd that it was only one word, when the other theme changed with various words (as you will see in my screenshots), nothing nasty - just random tags. The search gave me 21 swatches and none seem to relate - no other swatch has only one tag as "beatles". Hope this helps.
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hello, I have logged the random tags issue with the other issues reported.
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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Update: We have had issues with the back end server, which have been causing the theme/tag weirdness. We have rolled out some changes and you should start to see improvements. Thanks for your patience!
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                  Os Build:2600
                  After save and back to newest =kuler kash

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                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                    Hello, QE tested this on Opera 9.24 with XP service pack 2 and could not reproduce this issue. We think it's probably a factor of the server "kuler klash" issues. See if you can reproduce consistently. Thanks, Sami