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    Please confirm: 7.0.1 incompatible with AJA Adobe 10.4.5

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Hopefully somebody can confirm the same issue, or let me know it's working fine for them.


      MacPro3,1    10.7.5   Kona LHi    Quadro 4000


      I have the latest AJA Control Panel and AJA Adobe plug-in installed (10.4.5).  This was working great with Pr 7.0.0.


      And seemed to be OK with 7.0.1 for a few hours.  But, all of a sudden, I lost the ability to watch anything in real-time in Pr, whether or not I had enabled the LHi for external viewing, on several different projects that were working fine before.  All I could see was the frame I parked on before hitting play.  The audio would play, but not the video.


      On a hunch, I uninstalled the AJA software, relaunched Pr 701, and was able to watch my footage and sequences in real-time again.


      So... I reinstalled Pr 7.0.0, the AJA software, and I'm back in business with external monitoring and smooth playback.


      Too bad, because I liked the new features in Pr 7.0.1.


      I've also sent a report to AJA.