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    send and load

    jagguy99 Level 1
      i have checked google and found horrible incomplete examples in using send and load XML with php. I have spent an hours on this and nothing. Unless i can get ha;f decent example with this i think I might confine XML to the dustbin. This has been horrible understanding this stuff.

      I can use loadvars ut i here XML is better for larger data.

      I have got this with load and send and send and load.

      I just want to send xml data and then use php script to look at it (load to mysql)and then send it all back. That doesnt sound hard but it is by the look of it IS.
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          Hi there,

          I use AMFPHP and it works fine for me to retrieve data from a database with php and send it to flash and vice versa.

          The sad thing is that i just began doing this so i don't know much about it yet.

          Maybe it helps you to.
          Greetz jacob

          ps. if you intend to use amfphp pleas post all links to tutorials about this here so we all can learn more about amfphp.