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    Overdrive download errors: 2004


      Each time I try to download a EPUB book to my iPhone 4 via the Overdrive app, I get this error message.....


      "ACS4 Authorization Error: 2004

      Adobe Request

      Error: E_ADEPT_UNKNOWN-"


      The only thing that has worked is deauthorizing and then reauthorizing my Adobe account, but each time I do that I get another error message....



      Adobe Request



      Once I clear this error message, my books just start downloading on their own.


      I have no idea what these mean, but it's getting a bit annoying to do this every time. Any suggestions?



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          sjpt Level 4

          Are you downloading directly onto the iPhone Overdrive app, or are you downloading to ADE on a computer then moving the books to Overdrive?


          If the second, try using the Bluefire app on the iPhone instead of Overdrive.

          It seems to be more reliable then Overdrive app; and it can read Overdrive library books (with proper authorization), but can't download them directly.