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    Using Premiere Pro CS6 on an ethernet based SAN like Avid ISIS 5000

    syrcle Level 1

      Hey all,


      My post production facility currently runs both Avid Media Composer 6.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.  We just recenetly started working on the Avid ISIS 5000 for our Avid editing projects.  I know that Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (according to Avid's website) is approved to work together. 

      I'm wondering on the Adobe Premiere side...are their general settings and practices we need to adhere to, when working with shared storage systems that are ethernet based?  I'm running into some performance issues.  Like long indexing and conforming when opening up a project on another station?  And sometimes not being able to playback media or see media.  When working locally, this doesn't seem to happen.  I do not run into this when working in Avid Media Composer, so I dont' think it's any issues on my connectivity.

      Has anyone had any experience running Premiere on an ISIS 5000 or other ethernet based SAN solution?  Where can I find info on how to setup my scratch disks, projects, settings etc, for optimized use in a shared storage environment?