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    Get the ID of the clicked Symbol

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      Problem: When Menu buttons Clicked I want to get the ID of the Clicked symbol (by ID i mean the name i input in the title box on top left corner for each symbol ).


      Failed Attempt:

      //finding buttons by their Class "btn"


      window.location = "http:/"+ sym.lookupSelector(this) +".html"





      I have tried this.getSymbolElement().attr('id')

      Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'getSymbolElement'


      Confusion: What confuses me here is that (THIS) refers to a DIV element. while i was expecting a symbol Object. i think it is hard for me to understand the relationship between DIV & Symbol coming from flash background where symbols were the only object creatures to deal with. In some other areas i am having trouble scaling and etc too, targeting the div instead of the symbol i want.


      Example: Like  [ event.target.name ] in ActionScript, i want to detect the name of the symbol who listened to Click event.