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    text warning


      On some of my text layers (the Helvetica Neue) in a website comp I'm working on, I am receiving a warning that says the font is present on the system, but requires a layout change. If I okay the change, nothing noticable seems to change, but I will have to do it again when I take it out of dropbox and work on the file on my Macbook Pro and then again when I go back to my iMac. It also mentions something about vector based output when I go form computer to computer regarding the text issue. This is not some exotic font I downloaded. I'm pretty sure it came installed.


      I have looked on the forum but can't find anything that addressed this issue exactly.

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          Sounds like you have different versions of the font on each system.

          That could be due to having different OS versions on each system, or different versions of third party software that installed the font.

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            So I guess I should be happy that it's only happening with Helvetica Neue. I would hate to imagine it happening with a font I really use a lot. LOL! I didn't buy HN from a third party. So it must be the OS on the MacBook Pro which is only a couple of months old. It didn't happen before I bought it.


            So if you think that's what is wrong, can you tell me how to fix it?

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              Helvetica Neue is an Apple dfont.  That's a "Data Fork Suitcase Format".






              Data Fork Suitcase Format


              One of the innovations offered by Mac OS X is that font suitcases can be completely stored in a file's data fork. All of the resource fork's data is stored in the data fork, which allows more efficient access to font data as well as the ability to copy font suitcases to and from file systems that do not recognize resource forks.


              The data fork suitcase format is different from the data fork TrueType font format used by Microsoft Windows. Data fork suitcases contain all of the resources associated with a Macintosh font, including 'FOND' and 'NFNT' resources, which are used with QuickDraw Text.


              Data fork suitcases must have the filename extension ".dfont." They may optionally be given the file type "dfon."

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                Linda1115 Level 1

                Well then I'm glad I didn't go to the trouble of uninstalling and renstalling Photoshop which was the only other referenced fix to this problem I could find. It's not a serious issue, just annoying. Fixing a layout sounded like something I could handle! Hahahaha.

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                  Apple has updated the Helvetica Neue font a few times in recent years.


                  Do your systems have different OS versions, by chance?

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                    Chris Cox wrote:


                    Apple has updated the Helvetica Neue font a few times in recent years…


                    A turd in eternal need of polishing, I suppose.