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    Distorted audio when recording voice over Premier CS5


      I am a new user of Premier Pro CS5, but an experienced user of Final Cut Pro, and I am having a problem I can't solve on my own.


      I am running Premier Pro CS5 on an IMac running OSX 10.7.5.  I was attempting to record a voice over to an existing sequence, using a USB mic (AT2020). 


      The setup has worked fine in Final Cut Pro and in other applications, and the system recognizes the mic.  Premiere recognized the mic and did record the voice over, but the sound quality was abominable.  It was scratchy and distorted.


      Without changing anything else, when I changed from Premiere over to Final Cut, I was able to record the audio without problems and the audio sounded fine, so I don't believe the problem is inherent to the microphone or the drivers.  I presume there is something I am doing wrong in the configuration of Premiere, but in browsing the various user forums I haven't seen anyone else describe this problem so I can't tell what I'm doing wrong.


      I thought the issue might be related to whether the input was muted during recording--I confirmed that "mute input during timeline recording" was selected in the audio preferences menu, the mute track button was enabled in the audio mixer menu, and just to be sure I also had the speakers muted system-wide.  I experimented with these configurations but didn't find any improvements by changing these selections.


      Also baffling--the recording could start off (and sometimes finish) sounding good, but drift into and back out of the distortion in the middle of the track.  However I never once got a clean track out of any my experiments over several days, and I can no longer afford to fool around without some guidance.


      Any advice or assistance from a more experienced user will be appreciated.