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    Anchoring Images and text question

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      I have an .indd doc which has some images nested in paragraphs using text wrap. This looks fine when exporting to print but I need to know How and if to what degree I can do this when exporting to epub.


      I see I was only able to get the 'wrap around the bounding box on just the TOP and Bottom meaning I got the frst part of the paragraph, then the image and then the second part of the paragraph.


      Can I get the style to be like the orignal where the image is surrounded by text?





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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You should think when creating epubs as kind of html or xhtml. The final look of html files depends on the browser and a lot of user settings the same with epubs and the capability of the reader devices and programs. You will never represent your printed content 1:1 in an epub, but what you can affort is to create a good reader experience, which might and will differ from the printed file or an pdf.

          Publication loaded with many images and worse with images, combined with text and tables will change a lot and if you need an accurate electonical output you might use a pdf instead.

          If you need to export to epub the results are different from each version of InDesign, the later versions the better are in this aspect and you should tell us which version you are using.

          Important is to use object styles for images. You should also consider to create an alternative layout for the epub, because not every solution good for pdf might be useful for epub.