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    the scroll bar did not work by mouse wheel in FireFox


      my web-project  use a DataGrid with a  verticalScrollBar  , it works in IE which can response the mouse wheel


      but in FireFox  it did not work ,


      the wode is setted by "transparent",   I know ,if  the wmode changes to "window", it will be worked in every browser.


      but I can't change this , becase  I have  no reasons to explain that will not case new bug in html,(not swf) ,there is  nothing under the swf


      use ExternalInterface is not sensible ,there are so many class need to alter if use ExternalInterface.



      Q: is there any method to solve the problem  or  some reasons to explain the wmode will not case new bug in html


      I hope you can understand what I said...

      I'm sorry for my awful english..

      but I really so trouble with this problem..

      if you can't understand my question.


      Thank you