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    Why does Flash Player keep instisting I install?

    Paula LA

      Even after I've installed multiple times -- deleting my "old" version first, and reinstalling.


      I've even checked my Win32 folder, and indeed Adobe Flash is installed!


      But I keep getting messaged to "install the latest version of Flash" -- or suffer the consequences!


      There is now an ugly pop-up that accompanies this advice.


      What is the deal?


      In browsing around this Forum, I see multiple people  have had this issue (with no completely satisfactory solution offered. However, one line of advice did suggest checking for the latest/greatest version of Javascript for a proper installation of Flash, so I'll try that.)


      It doesn't seem unreasonable to expect that Adobe engineers are sophisticated enough to allo for a specific instructions as to WHAT the problem is, for each download. Seems most Microsoft issues have this sort of advice available, either through the company's knowledge base (usually by error #) or intelligent pop-ups.

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          pwillener Level 8

          What is your browser?  If IE check


          Paula LA wrote:


          ...checking for the latest/greatest version of Javascript

          I don't understand what you mean by that; JavaScript is integrated in your browser; you cannot change the JS version your browser uses.

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            Paula LA Level 1

            I mainly use Firefox. I'll try IE and see what happens.


            The point about Javascript was something I picked up from an Adobe support forum thread. I'll try to find it again and post the link. Before I posed my question, I tried to find a previously documented solution.


            While there were numerous others who seemed to be referencing the same problem, I didn't find anything that seemed like it would solve my problem. One of the main threads included a list of things to "check," including something about checking that all was well with Javascript.


            Since I do recall at one point disabling Javascript in Firefox (or Firefox messaging that it was doing so for me) because of a security hole, I thought I'd explore that as a potential source of the problem. (Although quite honestly, this Flash Player issue has plagued me for quite some time -- and definitely predates the issue with JS, which has since been re-enabled).


            The problem with Flash also seems to happen on my netbook (in addition to my desktop). Come to think of it, I use Firefox on the netbook also, and happen to have had the same issue with Firefox --  I update it, yet it continues to KEEP reminding me to update it! So maybe it is a Firefox issue?


            I'm currently running 22.0 (which is the latest version).


            Maybe I'll try IE for a while. (I'll search out the thing about JS later and will tag it here).

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              pwillener Level 8

              Do you have the plugin for Firefox installed, and is it enabled in Firefox (Tools | Add-ons | Plugins) ?


              You cannot run Flash Player if you have JavaScript disabled.


              Regarding the "security hole" you mention, that was most likely about Java, not JavaScript - two entirely different entities.

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                Paula LA Level 1

                Hi Pat,


                Thanks for your ongoing assistance! I'm not sure of the Firefox plugin to which you're referring. Can you please be more specific?


                I did try to find the reference to JS, and came up with this (I don't think it's exactly what I found the first time around, but seems close enough. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html  (the JS reference is second down).


                My JS has been re-enabled, as I mentioned; I did that when I updated. (There WAS indeed some older security issue with JS that made its way through browserville. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/373818/whats-with-those-do-not-use-javascript-people. I didn't follow the specifics but there was a while where I had it disabled).


                I'm noticing on the helpx link, above, that it also references something about ActiveX. I actually have no idea what ActiveX is or does, but I do know that when I initially switched to Firefox (from IE) it said there was an ActiveX conflict, and disabled some functions of ActiveX. I'm not sure if that was since resolved and the ActiveX re-enabled. I have done several MS auto-updates since then, and suspect it may have been re-enabled automatically.


                Do you think ActiveX could have something to do with my problem?


                I just remembered an rather intrusive message I keep getting while browsing Facebook with Firefox, so I logged on using IE8 and did NOT get the message. So my issue does seem specific to Firefox. (attaching a pic with Adobe Flash Reader - error msg in Firefox.JPGthe error message)

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Interesting article on Stackoverflow regarding JS!  My opinion is that JS should be enabled, but avoid visiting dodgy websites.


                  Back to your problem: what Flash Player versions do you have installed (Control Panel | Programs)?

                  You should have two Flash Player components installed:

                  • ActiveX (for Internet Explorer)
                  • Plugin (for other browsers like Firefox)

                  both should be the latest version 11.8.800.94.


                  If Firefox disabled the plugin because your version was old, then you may need to re-enable it after installing the latest version (Tools | Add-ons | Plugins).

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                    Paula LA Level 1

                    Hi Pat,


                    I just tried re-installing Flash and it seems to be working now. I think part of the problem I was having is that even after downloading the installer, hitting "run" and then having the computer re-boot, it is still necessary to yet again click "Install Flash" once the computer has rebooted. (Or at least doing that again seems to be what did the trick this time).


                    Q. I wasn't aware of those browser plug-ins that are required. Let me ask you this, is it ever the case that those plug-ins require updating separately from updating Flash?


                    Some suggestions I have insofar as improving the Flash download/install experience:

                    1) Just have it install with the .exe run - get rid of that second "install" click

                    2) Sensitize users to the plug-in requirements (I think that like me, most people don't think too much about their browsers, they're just THERE and do stuff)

                    3) With the auto/updates, create a feature that allows you to opt for "save changes with next reboot" rather than having Flash automatically reboot when it feels like. I have opted out of the auto updates (and choose "notify me") because of work sessions interrupted when Flash felt like it was time to update AND reboot. Not very practical!)

                    4) I would suggest dumping the McAfee push. I am very sensitive to this and always opt out, but can only imagine many people don't notice and wind up miserably saddled with McAfee as a result.


                    Thanks so much for your help! Will let you know if things go awry (but hoping for the best!)

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      Glad you got things working at last!


                      Regarding the separate ActiveX and plugin installers; I have for a long time suggested to combine them into one installer, but the developers seem to object to that.


                      Most likely your own suggestions will probably be ignored as well.  But if you want to officially bring them to the attention of the developers, you should do that through https://bugbase.adobe.com/