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    Acrobat XI Pro keeps asking for activation




      I've got my CC going for couple of months without any problems, recently I've installed Acrobat XI Pro and it was working ok, but for some reason it keeps asking me to license this software after I open a pdf file or launch it manually. When I go to login and it connects correctly its asking me for serial number.. I must launch another Adobe app like Photoshop and the same license window pops out, but right now after I login it goes fine and disappears - right now my Acrobat works fine but I have to do this every day to get it work :/


      How can I fix this annoying problem? All other CS programs run fine without asking me to activate but when I start Acrobat even them seem to lose activation info, its strange... Help?


      I've checked the Hosts file, checked activation server connectivity, tried to fix Acrobat installation but still nothing..


      My OS is Windows 8 64bit


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