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    Access Denied- intermittent

      My Dreamweaver site needs to be accessed by about 10 people per school, at 7 different schools.
      I use Local/Network for the connection. CS3.

      I have given these people modfiy permissions on the folder I want them to be able to edit.
      We have a Windows server, with the wwwroot folder on it. This folder caused me a lot of problems when people opened the connection keys I sent them, so now I bypass that folder and create each connection on my own Contribute using \\servername\sharename.

      Some people can make the connection and start editing. Some can make the connection but cannot edit.
      And now, I have people that get Access Denied right after typing in the Connection Key password.

      I cannot figure out what is required- what permissions do these people need, and at what level?

      If anyone can help I'll be forever in your debt.

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          bullfrog817 Level 1
          hi, just wondering why no one is answering me.

          did i not put enough information? i really need some help!

          does anyone know what type of permissions (and where) is required to Publish?

          thank you.
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            ThinkInk Level 2
            I think no one is answering cause it's a bit difficult to find a solution and put it online, when you have no means to really check what's going on.

            The fact that your users are on different locations could very well be the reason for the problems, since their configurations can be very different, making the Connection keys you created useless. At least I experienced this same problem with connection keys sincs CS3 came along...

            You will have to go fisically to each user and check his config (connection, router, modem, computer) and adjust the settings in the Contribute connection-panel.

            The problem could very well in this area and not so much in the Users and Roles section.

            I hope this helps some...