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    Any tips on releasing course content in stages to membership?...

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      Anyone got any good tips on a simple way to set up the following scenario....


      Scenario: Client has a 14 Module course (just documents) that the students complete 1 at a time and submit back for assessment.

      Only thing is the client doesnt want the students to have access to all the 14 doucments once they pay for the course.

      They just get Module 1, and access to Module 2 etc once prior Module is assessed. 


      Im guessing its a mix of secure zones, CRM wirth cases, and possibly set up as web app?



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          This will definitely require secure zones to block access to content for non-students but have you thought about using a gamification service like http://www.badgeville.com or a similar service to help you setup leaderboards and prizes? You could set it up so that a prize for answering a level 1 course opens up level 2 courses, etc.


          If you don't want to use gamification services to setup reward content (courses) based on completion of other courses then your best BC only option is to use some javascript so that when they complete a course (that's in a secure zone of course) you can set a cookie that says they completed "x" course and then if the cookie is present that they completed a course to show links to the next course.


          You could also probably use web apps and create a "Completed Courses" web app and everytime they complete a test you can hide a web form that creates a web app item for a user that stores the information for the course they completed.  Instead of using cookies you could base your javascript function to show new courses based on the presence of this web app item if you use the module to list their submitted web app items.