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    Workflow listener


      Hi ,


      I need your help in implementing  a workflow which uses a Listener.


      Listener should  be able to find a newly added node or page to path /content/usergenerated/comments folder.


      Once a new comment node /page gets added to the above mentioned path,  the workflow should be able to activate  only that newly added node or page to all publisher instances.


      So that we have all the comments  in synch with author and other publisher instances.


      My Approach below:

      1. Implement a  workflow which activates the newly added node to /content/usergenerated/comments folder

      2. Add a Listener to the node /content/usergenerated/comments


      You help or guidance in this approach is really appreciated.

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          MarcGriebenow Level 1



          you need to create a model with one process "Activate Page" in it


          Then you need a Launcher with

          Event Type: Node created

          Nodetype: cq:Page

          Globbing: /content/usergenerated/comments

          Workflow: Your created Model


          In our company, we have the condition cq:distribute!= at the publish mode launcher and the exclude cq:distribute on author mode launcher. When we create content, we set the property cq:distribute manually at the created or modified node.

          You have to play a little bit with that.


          But maybe in your case, it can be accomplished with the OOTB comment workflow and launcher, which work with cq:comment nodetype?




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            snayakar Level 1

            Thanks for your quick reply  Marc.


            Currently none of my Nodes are of type cq:comment?


            Do I need to make use of default comments Workflow or do i need to create my workflow  as a model?

            please let me know

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              MarcGriebenow Level 1

              Workflow and model is the same, don't know, why they named it differently

              Go to Tab Models and click New. Name it like "Comment activation" or what you prefer

              Then it should appear in the Models Grid. Double click it

              A new page should open. Drag the Process "Activate Page/Asset" underneath Flow Start

              That's it


              Now go to Launcher Tab and click "Add..:"

              Use the parameters I mentioned above. As Workflow, use your newly created one.


              It should work now.

              Like I mentioned above, you have to play a little bit with the settings... Mainly to prevent a loop...



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                snayakar Level 1

                Hi Marc,


                Thanks for your quickie.

                I am able to implement the reverse replication  and also a workflow to activate the reverse replicated data.

                created a Launcher  to listen at the given path on the node creation at th ementioned path to trigger the workflow.

                Workflow creation in trueon our choice , we can use OOTB w/f's or cutomized workflows based on the requirement.


                Thanks. Go ADOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!