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    How is your customer response?

    braseth Level 1
      Sometimes I feel like our company is still not comfortable with web applications. That said, have you run into any customer complaints about using a Flex app? For example, form validation. I like the red highlights and the canned error messages, but our users "may" be used to HTML JavaScript alert boxes. Just curious if there were other issues you ran into.
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          levancho Level 3
          but nobody is preventing you to change red highlight into alert box?

          I dont really see any sane reason why users should not like flex , one kind of drawback is that flex apps are not really webpages as many think and they are not even really websites at all but canned webapplications .
          this is good and sometimes bad same time, but from customer point of view I don't see why flex should be bad, product is solid .
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            not sure about the customers yet but it was like pulling teeth to get the management on board. I think the big problem is "change". Too many older business type people are still trying to figure this internet stuff out and don't see the potential. They learned the hard way of what happens when you jump aboard the "neat cool" train.
            Once I demonstrated how fast (development and data retrieval) a full RIA is they accepted and allowed me, yes only one person, go forward to rebuild one small section of the over all monsterous P.O.S (Piece Of Sh**). Now we are moving forward with rebuilding from the database schema up the entire application in FLEX. On initial glance the customers we have given access to for testing really like it. We also had feedback along the design and functionality planning stages so the customers would have input to how the new and improved would work, look, and feel. Giving them the opportunity to have a helping hand in the final product gets them involved and they are much more acceptable of change.