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    Global Promotions Fox&Theresa Adobe Flash Player Installation


      http://globalpromotions.foxandtheresa.com/?sid=125197&hid=bdthndnhflnlnfjfd&&id=cGiveaways 1


      From yesterday, I keep getting the webpage shown above come up that takes over whatever web page I'm on and says warning flash player maybe out of date and to continue I must install flash player.  I had already had the genuine adobe flashplayer, but I uninstalled it this morning as I thought if I don't have it, this place can't keep popping up as it will recognise I no longer have flash player.  How wrong was I.  I've tried blocking this site address as well, but even that hasn't worked.  I have never heard of global promotions.foxandtheresa and I am certain this is in fact nothing to do with Adobe.  I can't really find anything about this place on the internet google search.  I am not stupid and never pressed install from this website as it's very suspicious to me because of the web address.  The actual webpage they show has everything about Adobe on it making it appear correct, but I know how good these fakes can be.  Has anyone else experienced this at all?  What is it and what can I do to make it go away???  Any info much appreciated.  Thank you.