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    InDesign CS5 SWF Export - Different Scaling Behavior on Identical Macs


      Setup: Two Mac Pros imaged from the same base-image with no 3rd party plugins. Both Mac Pros are running Mac OS X 10.7.5 with all updates. Both have CS5 Design Std.


      The first Mac Pro was set up several months ago, so it's plausible that some settings have been changed although the user insists that she has changed nothing. There are no 3rd party plugins present and there's no post-processing in Flash Pro.


      The user created a publication on the first Mac Pro, exported to SWF for a web-slideshow and the resulting file -- without the HTML file that was created along with it -- will scale perfectly to fill the browser window in Safari, Firefox, etc. That is, if you open just the SWF file in Safari and then resize the window, the video will scale to fill the browser window at any size and will retain its proportions. She says that it has always been this way: That every flash file she exported from InDesign always scaled perfectly to fit a browser window when opened directly in a web browser without messing with HTML.


      Then the user opens the same ID file on a new Mac Pro with exactly the same OS and Adobe suite and she exports to SWF with exactly the same export-options selected. The resulting SWF file will not scale to fill the browser window.


      Her boss is demanding that she make SWF files that scale to fill the browser window. Both she and I have no idea how to do this. It seems to be a fluke that it happened in the first place. Adobe's documentation suggests that this is not possible... That the "noscale" option will always be set in exported SWF files and the dimensions of the file are fixed at export.


      When I Google for solutions, I find tips for editing the html file to accomplish this task and I find tips for editing files in Flash Pro that are completely opaque to both me and the user as neither of us knows how to code in Flash Pro. There must be some simple change to a setting somewhere in InDesign to accomplish this scaling trick, but I don't see where to do it. It's definitely NOT one of the normal SWF export options as we've tried them all. It's not a setting that travels with a file or else we wouldn't be having this problem with the same ID file on the second Mac. It's not a setting in Safari or in the Flash plugin because I can move SWF files generated from ID on the first Mac to other computers and the files will still scale to fill a browser window.


      How can we (reliably) export SWF files from InDesign CS5 that scale to fill a web browser window when the file is loaded directly in a web browser?