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    Problems with cfscheduler since upgrading to CF10

    StephenHowerd1 Level 1

      We are having major issues with the scheduler since upgrading to CF 10 (All the job are from CF 9 and had not issues)


      1. When I try to update a schedule task I get

           Unable to store Job : 'SERVERSCHEDULETASK#$%^DEFAULT.job_BASICDATA1_LOADER (PRPMS)', because one already exists with this identification.

      and the JOB disappears


      2. I have several jobs that create text files and when run from the scheduler the file is not creates BUT when run from the URL work fine. No errors from the scheduler or the job.


      Any help would be appreicated.


      Server ProductColdFusion
      Tomcat Version7.0.23.0
      Serial Number1187-5009-9935-7814-8611-5578 
      Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 R2