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    cs6 ver 6.0.3 (oo1 mc...) -program monitor psd looks light

    Level 4

      this is gonna be hard to describe..

      using layered psd ( pics of maps ) I adjust levels to the image...the whole clip of that image...no keyframes..

      Now in program monitor, when the CTI is static,  the map looks kinda " light and flat " like before level adjustment ( where I increase contrast a bit )

      When I click on the CTI, the image becomes more contrasty looking as per level adjustment.

      When I PLAY the clip it also looks more contrasty as per level adjustment.


      But when I stop play or just put cti on that clip , it looks flat and light as BEFORE level adjustment...


      Anyone ever hear of this weirdness ???


      using win7 64bit

      nvidia geforce gtx 680

      driver date: 12/29/2012

      driver ver: