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    Documentary metadata and sync sound workflow.

    B Macrae

      Hey there,

      I am in the process of editing a documentary with 70+ hours of AVCHD (.MTS) footage. My end goal here is to review all media, ideally with access to each sound source synced to each clip before editing. I have multiple sound sources (camera, boom, and 2 wireless mics) and wish to preserve all tracks instead of replacing the "reference" sound of the camera.

      My initial thought was to find a way to create new clips with multiple synced tracks using either Pluraleyes or the new merge clip function in Premiere CC, then review everything in Prelude CC, taking notes on the metadata, and finally doing the editing in Premiere CC.

      First, is this even possible? Can you export a clip with numerous independent tracks that have been synced? If so, what could be an efficient way in doing so?

      Second, if this is not possible, what could be an efficient way to meet my initial goal (reviewing 70+ hours of documentary media with multiple sound sources before editing?)

      Thank you for your input.


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          RBemendo Level 1

          Hey B Macrae,


          I work with DSLR dual sync sound and have found syncing in pluraleyes and exporting the XML out to Pr to be very convenient.  Once you have a sync sequence you can nest your selects and takes from the timeline, to create independent "clips" of the original audio and sync audio.  When you need access to all additional tracks when editing from the nest you can assign the audio source from the nest to individual tracks (lav1, lav2, etc....)  The marker system is a great way to log your footage with dual sync sound.  I have yet to find a way to do what your describing with the multitrack audio merged to a video clip and have access to it in Prelude.  After spending alot of R&D   There is an option in Pluraleyes to export video with replaced audio, but haven't tried it with more than 2 channels of audio.  There has just been an update for pluraleyes that mentions "Now properly supports audio tracks with more than two channels."  If you do i'd be interested in how that turns out for multi track audio.

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            B Macrae Level 1

            Thank you for the reply,


            I have not found any information on pluraleyes supporting more than two channels. Where did you find mention of this update?

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              RBemendo Level 1

              The documentation can be found here: http://www.redgiant.com/blog/


              very curious of this if you run tests.