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    Specs For Long Video

    mdwebcat Level 1

      Hello -


      We have a long video that we have broken down into 4 separate videos.  Each video is approximately 17 minutes long.


      Can someone tell me what the minimum or fair specs are for a 17 minute video?  The person working on this project is playing around with the export settings, but the file size is still huge (37 gb).  They are trying to find out what the video and audio settings should be in order to compress the file size down more.


      Any guidance is appreciated.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, but that's not much to go on.  For example, we don't know the ultimate use of this video: how will it be played back?  Are there delivery specdifications you need to use?  What are you currently doing.


          Those are good for starters.

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            mdwebcat Level 1

            Thank you Dave.  I am not working on this project but trying to help someone in out department who is working on it.  Please let me know if the information below is helpful.


            - the video is of our Town Hall meeting and will be in a WMV format played internally only on our Intranet

            - the original full video is over 60 minutes long

            - the video was cut up into four separate videos to cut down on file size and make it easier for the viewer

            - After Affects CS5.5 is being used for editing

            - There is sound on the video

            - There are also slides being inserted introducing each section (for example - new employees, Q&A, etc.)


            Thanks again.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              It appears you're using the wrong application for this.  For editing, you should use an editing application like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas... heck, this doesn't sound too tough, so just about ANY editing applicaiton would be miles ahead of After Effects.

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                mdwebcat Level 1

                Okay - thanks so much.  I appreciate the guidance.