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    Why is this so?

    GailK1226 Level 1
      I saw in another thread that "All RH projects should be on your local drive."
      Why is this, and how important? Mine in on a network drive - a merged project with several users. I generally work locally, and generate to the network, and copy my project files there (for the merge), but others are working only on the network dive.

      Is it just a matter of security - so no one deletes your stuff?

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          Originally posted by: GailK1226
          Is it just a matter of security - so no one deletes your stuff?

          I would guess that it is so. This can also prevent that many people try to open the same file at the same time and making concurrent changes.

          If you want to work on a network drive, or be many users on the same project, your best guess would be to use some kind of version control, under which the files are stored locally and changes are commited to the network.
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi Gail/Julien. It has nothing at all to do with security. RoboHelp uses an Access database as it's engine. MS Access is well known as having problems when run over a network hence the numerous posts from users that have problems that disappear when they move their project source files to a local drive. You may never run into problems but if you do, they can be severe (e.g. corrupted projects). It is strongly recommended by those in the know never to have your source files on a network drive. By all means backup or publish output to a network drive though.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              It is because underpinning RH there is a Microsoft Access database and quite simply they often do not work nicely across a network.

              We often see people say they have been working on a network drive for years and not had trouble before. A bit like they have been working on the roof for years but haven't fallen off before.

              Work locally. Generate locally. Zip up your projects each time you work on them and put the zip on the network.