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    Two months of  Premiere Pro - two major Errors that stopped the whole project


      I have switched from FCP - and I am quite dissappointed.

      Within two months I have experienced two major errors that stopped the whole project. Something like that never happened to me in 15 years of AVID an FCP. -


      1. Err msg. "Project contains sequences that cannot be opened" - No way to open the project at all after two weeks of working on it.

      2. Err msg. "A Low-level exception occurred in: Adobe Player" - No way to play back the sequence at all. Had to be finnished in FCP.


      Apart from that Premiere keeps loosing Render Files and does not recognize my USB-audio-device.



      Can anyone help me (tech support) PLEASE?

      Am I the only one with problems like that?

      - Thinking about switching to MC7.



      OS 10.8.2.

      imac 3.1 Ghz corei7

      16 GB Ram