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    InDesign CC installation error - how can I repair without losing one of my licenses?

    Laiza_833 Level 1


      I just started using the Creative cloud and downloaded InDesign to my work computer. However when the program launches, it's completely frozen like a screenshot and you can't click on anything, nor close it. You have to force shut it down with the task manager every time and the IT-people at my office can't figure out what the problem is. I had InDesign CS 5.5 installed until now and didn't remove this version before installing the CC - could this be the problem?


      If so, I'd gladly remove both versions and reinstall the ID CC, but how does it work with the amount of licenses I'm allowed? I was told with the creative cloud I only get to download each program on 2 computers. I'm afraid if I uninstall the faulty InDesign, that Adobe will take my 2nd license when I try to install it again.


      Can someone please help me? Just please note I'm not an IT-technician and don't understand advanced programming solutions.


      Thank you!