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    Digital Signatures Missing

    redwolfe_98 Level 1

      hello.. when i downloaded the installer for the "plugin" version of FP 11.7.700.232, for use with "windows xp" and "firefox", i noticed that the installer didn't have a digital signature.. i would think that it is supposed to be digitally signed..


      i downloaded the file from "adobe.com" and i tried downloading it a second time, but it still wasn't digitally signed..


      the "NPSWF32_11_7_700_232.dll" file that was installed in the "macromed" folder is digitally signed.. the "NPSWF32_11_7_700_232.dll" file seems to be the main FP program-file..


      i am not experiencing any problems with using FP 11.7.700.232, with "windows xp" and "firefox"..


      (mozilla's plugin-check says that it is out-of-date.. i hope that won't be a problem, where mozilla blocks it)..