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    AdobePhotoshopAlbumStarter3.2 unlock?


      Adobe Photoshop ALbum Starter 3.2 is asking for unlocking code?


      Today is 7/15/13. I only just started using this program for my camera, didn't know it expired, after the registration page told me. There was no warning on that. I have photos in there that are very important and need to get them put back onto my camera ASAP.


      I went on to get photos after they were in album and the register page came up, and it took it as I wanted to delete from camera. NO! Due to the register screen popping up over top the photo album.


      I did call ADOBE support and they said it is no longer a supported program.They helped me set up a REVEL account, then they said to search the photos. Yes, that worked it i can get the JPG names. 


      What I need is to get the few pictures from 3.2 back onto my camera. Or, Could I get them back on my camera through Revel. I need easy steps. I am not familiar with this stuff.

      PLEASE HELP! This is URGENT!

      Thanks You for the help, noltfam5