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    Strange numbers

    v3ktordotse Level 1

      Sometimes Photoshop automaticly change my font sizes to uneven numbers. For instance 12 pt changes to 11,98 pt.

      Why and what could be done to avoid this?


      Also XY positions of objects in Illustrator get changed to sligtly different numbers like 9,98 px.


      Feels like a bug that have been in the CS suit for years?



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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Check your preference for POint/Pica Size


          Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 3.36.28 PM.png



          1. You may have align to pixle grid on, in the tranform palette
          2. You may have preview bounds chekced in prefrences wihc add the strok thickness in to the calculation.
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            v3ktordotse Level 1

            Hello Mike, thank's for your reply.

            I have the same settings in PS as you. And in AI the stuff you suggest are under control.


            The problem with changed values is often not present at the beginning of a project. But when I have worked with the files a couple of days values change slightly.


            The problem is that integer values change a little bit and turn into decimal numbers.


            My guess is that Adobes programs have some sort of issue with how values are rounded. Or I have had some strange setting on for years or maybe having some bad habit that I'm unaware of.



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              Level 7

              Which version of Photoshop are you using?

              Have you installed ALL the updates?

              And do you have "snap to pixel grid" turned on in preferences?

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Are you resizing things with Transform?  That can cause oddball font sizes, and would normally be expected to do so.



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                  v3ktordotse Level 1

                  Chris: I run the latest CC version with pixel grid and snapping turned off.


                  Noel: You may have a point there!


                  I often use the transform tool in PS. I don't use it to scale items. Instead I use it as a way to quickly "group" several layers together and move them around on the page. When the layers are "grouped" with the transform tool they can't be deselected which happens easy when working with text and thin lines.


                  But I never rescale anything with the transform tool. But it maybe changes type values anyway. Guess I have to learn Adobes new layer filtering function and use it instead.