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    Dynamically expanding resume




      I'm currently working on a project that allows users to create their own resumes from a set of templates. Below is a picture of one template that I'm using for testing purposes.


      http://content.screencast.com/users/hamedn/folders/Jing/media/61fa8030-8435-4fba-aefb-ad9b b51e1a96/2013-07-15_1350.png


      Currently the way that it works is that I've tagged a fixed number of repeating textboxes (Date, Title, Location, Details) and with their parent tag as ExperienceItem, and then exported this as an XML file. The key of the application is that the user can edit the XML file however he wishes, and then I use Import XML to import his XML into the template and give him the outputted PDF file. However, there are a few things I need that I haven't figured out how to do yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated:


      1. How do I make it so that if the user adds a lot of extra text (or very little) to one of the textboxes (such as the details textbox), the template shifts accordingly? So if there's one line, the other textboxes below shift upward to fill the empty space and the opposite if there's too much text.

      2. How do I make the template more dynamic? I don't want to have to have 10 placeholder textboxes. Users should put as many or as little ExperienceItem's into the XML file, and the template should create as many items in the list as ExperienceItems.

      3. How do I let extra content flow into the next page?


      Thank you very much for the help!