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    Edge Animate and Fancybox Conflict




      I've created a nice little splash animation for my company's website, which is working nicely on it's own.  Further down the page, we have a section that I'm trying to manually call fancybox galleries on.  It works if I delete the Edge Preloader Script tag in the head, but as soon as I paste it back in, fancybox does not work again.  I have other jquery scripts running on the page while the Edge script is active, so I don't think it's from multiple jquery calls.  I'm at a loss here as it seems that getting rid of one or the other is the only solution and I hope that isn't the case.


      You can see the code at: http://brilliant-graphics.com/BrilliantJune2013/


      The manual fancybox call is on the 'Clients Section' on the gallery button for Peter Sculthorpe.