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    Best solution to capture and externally monitor DVCProHD 1080i60


      Recently moving from FCP to PPr.


      With FCP, I could use FW to capture live event with DVCProHD 1080i60 via Panasonic AJ-HPM110 P2 player/recorder.  The FW signal also allowed playback/monitoring to Panasonic BT-LH2600 display during post.  (I also run composite A/V from P2 player/recorder through Sony HVR M15U to external NTSC monitor for SD monitoring, as well as sending FW from HVR M15U to laptop for live webstreaming using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3)


      Searches for how PPro handles these functions indicate using 3rd party capture card, but I'm hoping someone might offer suggestions for our workflow.  (I see where PPro can capture DV/HDV, but not found internal settings to access FW port for external monitoring, or to capture HD)



      -1 hour live event (30min presentation/30min QnA).

      - Panasonic AV-HS400 switcher and Panasonic AW-RP655 Multi Fucntion Camera P/Z/T Controller

      - Live cut capture of DVCProHD 1080i60 (unsure how to get this happening)

      - 4 Panasonic HPX 170 (each iso recorded to FireStores at DVCProHD 1080i60 for multicam edit)

      - Panasonic AJ-HPM110 P2 player/record (P2 Mobile) as current interface for live HD capture and HD/SD playback and external monitoring (unsure how to get this happening)

      - Sony HVR-M15U takes composite out of P2 Mobile for DV tape backup recording as well as it outputs composite to NTSC monitor and FW to Adobe Web encoder for live webstreaming.

      - Panasonic BT-LH2600W for HD live camera monitoring and HD post-production monitoring.

      -JVC CRT for SD post-production monitoring


      (On occasion, I'll use my 2011 MacBook Pro, when the tower is otherwise occupied)




      System specs:

      2008 MacPro (waiting for new MacPros to be released) QuadCore Dual 3.0GHz/16Gb RAM/Radeon X1900
      Snow Leopard 10.6.8

      QT 10.0 and QT 7.6.6

      Premiere Pro/CS6 Professional suite of apps

      Still have FCStudio 7

      Burly 6bay eSata RAID 0 (6-1Tb drives)

      Variety of external HDs (eSata/FW/USB)

      2-27" Apple Cinema Displays

      2-eSata PCI-e cards (3132/3124)


      Currently, (older MacPro) no Thunderbolt or USB3.


      So, to wrap up.

      1. Need to capture live DVCProHD 1080i60 (via HD-SDI)

      2. Need to externally monitor 1080i60 in post (HD and SD)

      3. Would like capture interface to output SD (NTSC monitoring) and FW (feed to webcasting)  These are functions our P2 Mobile and Sony DV/HDV deck provide.

      4. Would want to know if capture interface would work in conjuction with or replace our P2Mobile/DV-HDV deck).


      Thanks, and excited to work with the Adobe apps.


      Let me know if I missed any needed info.