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    Create playlist that works on tablets?

    Cuwen Level 1

      I don't know if this is the right software forum to ask this in or if it should be in encore's forum.  I'm looking into getting the Cloud to replace my Articulate software, but I don't know if Premiere/Encore can give me what I'm looking for or not.  I've been looking at different online articles and information about the software, and I have just a few questions left.  I hope you all can help me.


      Right now I use Articulate Presenter to create a video playlist online for a series of video files I have created.  Here is the link to several examples if you're interested in seeing what I'm talking about:  http://www.ezlifts.com/training/


      Would Premiere/Encore be able to create the same type of playlist.  If so, could I upload it to my website and also make it useable for tablet/Smartphone/iPad users?